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For the best results when cleaning your jacket at home, please follow the below instructions:

1. Zip up the jacket and turn it inside out.

2. Set your washing machine to 30°C, and select a delicate or wool cycle with low spin. 

3. Use a high quality colour detergent. Do not use any fabric softener. 

4. After the washing cycle is complete, tumble dry your jacket for 25 minutes on a medium heat (DO NOT USE A HIGH HEAT). After 25 minutes, turn the jacket the right way around and tumble dry the jacket for a further 10 minutes. 

5. Once the tumble dryer cycle is complete, hang your jacket using your Sandbanks hanger and let it air dry for a further 24 hours. 



We offer an in-house cleaning service for our customers which includes; washing, drying and redelivery of your jacket. If you are interested in this service, please contact our Client Care team at 

This service is charged at £50 per jacket.



Sandbanks products are designed with longevity in mind. Carefully storing your Sandbanks garment can help preserve it for the future. Whenever not in use, use your provided Sandbanks hanger to store your jacket, ensuring it has enough space around it to prevent creasing. 

During summer months you should ensure your jacket is clean before storing it away. Use your Sandbanks hanger and let the jacket hang freely in a dark, moisture-free environment. Remove the faux fur hood trims, if your jacket comes with them, and hang them vertically. You may want to use a garment bag to protect your jacket from dirt and dust. Avoid compressing your Sandbanks jacket where possible. 



Sandbanks has a zero real fur and down policy, saving millions of animals from exploitation. As an alternative to using fur or down in our products, Sandbanks uses eco-friendly alternatives. 

Our faux fur is provided by EcoPel who hold the PeTA World Free Fur Awards. High quality and an ethical alternative to real fur. 

Our EcoDown is a 100% recycled and durable down alternative containing 100% recycled fibres from post consumer PET bottles. Our EcoDown holds the Global Recycled Standard and is Oeko-Tex certified for the absence of harmful substances.



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