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Sandbanks will only make a product if it can be made in a way that practices sustainability and environmental responsibility. We will always opt for sustainable and eco-friendly manufacturing choices where possible, without sacrificing on quality. Sandbanks is on a journey of constant improvement, always embracing new sustainable innovation.






Sandbanks uses bluesign® approved material suppliers including Polartec®, Everest Textiles, and Thermore®. The bluesign® system offers textile businesses strategies and technology enabling them to reduce their impact on the environment and people. Bluesign® ensures the industry remains safe and clean.


Recycled Polyester (RPET)


Sandbanks uses Polyester regenerated from PET plastic found in landfill and the oceans. Polyester fabric is supplied by Everest Textile Co and is 100% recycled complying with environmental protection. They are bluesign® approved and hold the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certification.


Regenerated Nylon


ECONYL® is the provider of nylon for Sandbanks products. The ECONYL® regeneration system rescues plastic from landfills and oceans all over the world. The nylon is taken back to its virgin form, and spun into textile yarn, to be reused in the production of fabric.


Organic Cotton


100% Organic Cotton is used in Sandbanks products as it offers many sustainable advantages. Our Organic Cotton is GOTS certified; traceable from the seed to the finished product, and grown meeting strict environmental and societal criteria. Organic Cotton farming enables CO2 to be locked into the soil helping reduce global warming, fighting climate change. Workers avoid potentially toxic pesticides through opting for organic cotton. Being a natural fibre, cotton does not release microfibres when being washes that could otherwise pollute the oceans. 


Supima Cotton


Sandbanks uses Supima Cotton in selected products, superior cotton grown in the USA, Supima’s unique extra-long staple fibre offers premium benefits including strength, softness and colour retention. Supima cotton is farmed using state-of-the-art technology and processes, ensuring exceptional quality and longevity with as little impact on the environment as possible.


Fleece & Shearling


Polartec® is the main provider of Sandbanks fleece and shearling materials. The Polartec® Micro Fleece Solid and Polartec® Thermal Pro® Shearling Solid Lightweight materials used in Sandbanks products are both 100% recycled, and hold the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification. Polartec® Thermal Pro® Shearling is a high performance, durable, fast-drying material. Polartec® is bluesign® approved.


Ribbon & Taping


Achille Valera Lissoni produces Sandbanks ribbon and taping from 100% RPET materials. The ribbons are made using NewLife™ Yarn, which is post consumer plastic bottles sourced, processed and spun into high-calibre yarns exclusively in Italy.




Our bags and boxes are supplied by Made by Classic, who meet or exceed local employment and environmental standards. Classic is FSC® certified and a member of Sedex. All Sandbanks boxes are made from recycled paper and RPET ribbon. Sandbanks Tote Bags are made from organic cotton and RPET ribbon. Sandbanks outerwear hangers are made from recycled plastic in Italy. 




Sandbanks adopts a zero real fur and down policy, helping to save millions of animals from exploitation.


Our Faux fur is supplied by EcoPel, using technology and innovation to supply high-quality ethical alternatives to fur. EcoPel holds the PETA World Free Fur Awards and the Global Recycled Standard Independent certification.


Our EcoDown is a certified 100% recycled and durable down alternative. The EcoDown contains 100% post consumer recycled PET bottles, holds the Global Recycled Standard and is Oeko-Tex certified for the absence of harmful substances.







Our zips are supplied by Lampo® Zips, who practice responsible sustainability. They are certified with the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, and are committed to the Greenpeace Detox challenge. Lampo is committed to reducing waste and enhancing its use in products.


Metal Components


Sandbanks components including adjustors, rings, clips, eyelets, clasps, cord ends and buttons are all manufacturer in Italy, brushed gold, silver or gunmetal and branded with Sandbanks by laser or mould. The factories who manufacture components use sustainable working practices and invest in technology to improve their ecological and environmental impact.

Carbon Emissions


At Sandbanks we are dedicated to keeping our carbon footprint to a minimum ensuring we do not increase the level of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere. Our partnership with Ecologi allows us to offset our carbon emissions making Sandbanks carbon neutral.


Planting Tree’s


One way in which we offset carbon is through planting trees with Ecologi. For every product we produce, we purchase and plant a tree. Each tree planted offsets approximately 30kg of CO2 per year, which more than covers the quantity of CO2 produced during the development, manufacturing and purchase of each garment. Over the next 25 years, each tree will continue to offset carbon, equating to approximately 750kg per tree over the period. All Sandbanks products are carbon neutral.

You can visit our virtual forest to see the impact we have had so far here - Sandbanks Ecologi


Employee Offsetting


Our partnership with Ecologi enables us to offset the carbon footprint of each of our employee’s lives, including any business travel. 14 tonnes of CO2 is offset on behalf of each of our employees each year making us a Climate Positive workplace.


Customer Deliveries


At Sandbanks we use DHL GoGreen climate neutral service for customer deliveries over 7.5kg. For orders under 7.5kg we use DPD Local Responsible Delivery; committed to making every parcel they deliver carbon neutral through offsetting and using alternative fuel vehicles.